EMBL data on Compact Disk?

Peter Stoehr Peter.Stoehr%EMBL at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU
Mon Sep 3 05:45:00 EST 1990

Don Gilbert asks:

>I am interested in obtaining releases of EMBL databank via compact disk.
>Is it available in CD format?

 Yes, it has been released quarterly on CD-ROM since August 1989.
 It currently includes, EMBL and SWISS-PROT databases in normal 'EMBL'
 format, also both in NBRF format (FASTA can work on these), plus
 specially developed fully supported MSDOS query/retrieval software.
 Free samples available on request, we just need a postal address.

>Is the low level format in High Sierra or ISO 9660 disk format?

 ISO 9660 format.

>How frequently is the CD distributed?

>What is the cost of a subscription?
 per CD-ROM:
 Academic (EMBL/EC nation)   DM 150
 Academic                    DM 300
 Commercial                  DM 600

>How do I order it?
 Subscription information (& form) is available from the EMBL File Server.
 Send e-mail to NETSERV at EMBL.bitnet, containing lines:

 GET DOC:ORDERFORM.TXT          (just the subscription form)
 GET DOC:ORDERINFO.TXT          (form + other interesting things about EMBL
                                services, inc details of CD-ROM)

or if you prefer, of course we can supply paper copies by post or fax.

>Thanks,   Don
Its a pleasure

Peter Stoehr
EMBL Data Library

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