Thanks for the info

Bobbie Theiss in Grace theiss at CSHL.ORG
Wed Apr 17 15:42:00 EST 1991

Thank you to everyone that sent me info about how to find the EMBL sequence.
I had already tried search at genbank.bio.net, but since I was under the 
impression that it was recently published I wanted to search the EMBL databanks
directly. I received several responses that said to use netserv at embl.bitnet
and netserv at embl-heidelberg.de. Both of these worked from my internet address.

It winds up that it was not recently published, it was submitted to EMBL
"last summer" by someone's "old supervisor". The person who originally asked
me how to find it is now in contact with the people at nethelp at embl.bitnet.
It could very well be that it they have the wrong accession #.

Thanks again, it's amazing how fast the netserver at EMBL & search at GenBank
can be. (It's also amazing how many journals are in NEWCITATION.NDX)

Bobbie Theiss
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