Request-Database search capabilities of EMBL cd-rom software

prakash nadkarni nadkarni-prakash at CS.YALE.EDU
Mon Feb 4 10:09:28 EST 1991

I am interested in the capabilities of the CD-ROM software distributed
by EMBL- specifically, in database searching?  Rival Packages by
Hitachi (and a beta version of the latest GCG) allow search of
Genbank/PIR by author, by sequence name, and by Keyword. They do not allow
search with compound boolean criteria, nor search using arithmetic operations (eg. restrict answers using the aforesaid boolean criteria to sequences greater
than 100 nt long).
Does the EMBL software do any of these things? Could someone at EMBL let me
Thanks a lot.
Prakash Nadkarni
Yale School of Medicine
E-mail: nadkarni at cs.yale.edu

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