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Thu Jan 3 10:37:36 EST 1991

/	I'm looking for several sequences that were published in the 
/European J. of Immunology in 1987. Using the GCG tools for searching 
/database sequences by description (ie, Strings), I am unable to find them 
/in GenBank release 65.0 or EMBL release 24.0 (modified by the GCG people to 
/remove all the sequences that can be identified as being present in 
/GenBank). Is there some way to verify that these sequences really are not 
/present? I'm willing to type in the sequences and submit them to EMBL (the 
/sequences were published by a colleague), but since there are about 30 
/sequences ranging in size from about 0.2 to 1.1 kb, it won't be a painless 

	Many thanks to the several people who had suggestions on how to find 
these sequences. Most suggestions involved typing in a short stretch of the 
sequence and searching the databases with that, rather than the description 
of the sequence. I had thought of that and rejected it because of the 
number of sequences involved, and the fact that they are members of a 
multigene family where some of them are very closely related (99% and above 
in some cases). It would have taken a lot of work to sort out which was 
which, and besides, that strategy was bound to fail. Special thanks go to 
Philippe Dessen who send me summary of all the Eur. J. Immunol. sequences 
from 1987. The sequences I wanted were in the UNANNOTATED section, but I 
was searching the PRIMATE section since I knew the sequences were human. Oh 
well, live and learn.

	Is there some process to move sequences out of the Unannotated section
to where they really belong?

Steve Clark

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