Macplasmap/Norton Utilities Disk Assistance Incompatibility

HUENSD at vax1.computer-centre.birmingham.ac.uk HUENSD at vax1.computer-centre.birmingham.ac.uk
Fri Jun 21 16:08:00 EST 1991

I have encountered problems when attempting to use the MacPlasmap
program version 1.82 (downloaded from EMBL server) when the Norton
Utilities for the Macintosh-Disk Assistance is also installed in the
same machine.

The problem shows up as an inability to save any files created. Further
attempts may crash the system altogether. The problem can be avoided
by removing the Directory Assistance (not Disk Assistance as shown above
- typo error) application from the system file.

I don't know why it happens and I'm not going to find out but this
workaround will at least allow the use of MacPlasmap!

Has anyone else encountered it?

David Huen
e-mail: JANET: huensd%uk.ac.bham.vax1
snail: Dept. of Cancer Studies, Univ. of Birmingham, B15 2TJ, U.K.

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