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We are looking for a sequence published in FEBS Letters (1991)
278(2):211-216.  The title of the article is "Cloning and
functional expression of a TEA-sensitive A-type potassium channel
from rat brain."  The authors are: Klaus-Hasso Schroeter, Johann Peter
Ruppersberg, Frank Wunder, Jens Rettig, Martin Stocker, and Olaf Pongs.  

No accession number was given, but according to the Fig. 1 on page
212, the "composite Raw3 sequence was submitted to EMBL."  Checking
our local database, which is updated nightly from the sequences on
Usenet, and the EMBL & EMBL New Data sections of the GenBank Online
Service no such sequence is among the released sequences (as of
11-OCT-1991 08:00 EDT).  Could you please check to see if the sequence
is being held until publication or otherwise waiting for release? 
Only the protein sequence was published, so until it is released by
EMBL, the DNA sequence is unavailable to the scientific community.

Danke schoen!

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