concensus repeat sequences

Tom Schneider toms at fcs260c2.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Oct 16 13:34:02 EST 1991

M. Voice:

Consensus (note spelling) is a model made by humans to describe patterns in
nucleic acids.  Clearly it is a 'consensus sequence' since you defined it.
What you want to know is whether CACA is the binding site of a protein, perhaps
someone else  will know.  However, CACA has only 8 bits of pattern (as you have
defined it), and this is rather small amount.  Something may be missing.
Besides that, the consensus sequence is a rather poor model for any use except
to get a rough idea of what the pattern one is studying is.  If you use it you
will get into trouble eventually.  See NAR 18: 6097 (1990) for a better method,
which may be fun to apply to your sites.

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