NCBI/Genbank/EMBL differences (Was: GenBank entries numbers)

doelz at urz.unibas.ch doelz at urz.unibas.ch
Tue Feb 18 04:58:38 EST 1992

On the differences and similarities of DNA databases, 

>> 	NCBI = 62,807          GenBank 70 = 58,952
>> 	gbseq.all as of 15-Feb-92 = 5,477 entries (i.e. entries published

        57765 entries in EMBL rel. 29 
        5058 NEW since last release, and 2058 UPDATED since last release
        (as of feb-17)

Dave says, ... 
> would be identical to ours.  We specifically kept different release
> numbers precisely to prevent the kind of comparisons made above.  I

That is confusing... Does this mean that 

(a) GENBANK is now adding entries to their database which are not kept 
    after the take-over, 
(b) NCBI adds entries which will be duplicated upon take-over, 
(c) There will be a GENBANK independently released from both NCBI and GENBANK
(d) No one really knows what happens to entries with identical accession 
    numbers but different annotation and/or sequences 
(e) Time will solve this

Please select one (* abcde *)   

? and who of the two takes care in EMBL collaboration... ,
  who will assign 'genbank' accession numbers ?

I'll quit now but it wouldn't hurt to get more details on this issue if 

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