Can AUTHORIN be used to submit sequences to EMBL?

David Hazledine David.Hazledine at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE
Mon Jan 13 05:32:00 EST 1992

Brian Fristensky writes:

> Having used AUTHORIN to submit sequences to GenBank, I am disappointed that
> no similar program is available for EMBL. The convenience of data entry,
> as well as the consistency of data presentation make this a very useful
> tool.
> Recognizing that EMBL can't make direct use of AUTHORIN's transaction-format
> files, it seems to me that submission of AUTHORIN-generated EMBL entries should
> still be preferable to having to fill out the electronic data submission
> form, which is more prone to errors than use of AUTHORIN.

I don't know where you got your information from, Brian, but EMBL *can* make use
of the output files generated by Authorin, and we welcome Authorin submissions.
There is absolutely no problem.  Authorin was developed by GenBank with the full
support of EMBL and DDBJ, for exactly the reasons you state above, and we are
delighted that the software has proven to be as popular as it has.

David Hazledine
Database Administrator
EMBL Data Library.

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