Can AUTHORIN be used to submit sequences to EMBL?

David Hazledine David.Hazledine at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE
Tue Jan 14 07:18:00 EST 1992


Your suggestion that we revise our current "how to submit to EMBL" document to
include a reference to Authorin is a good one.  As to which Authorin file should
be submitted to EMBL, I think it depends on the platform on which one is running
the program.  I believe (though I'm not 100% sure) that your reference to .AIN
and .MBL files refers to the PC version.  Without seeing examples of the two
files it's hard for me to say, but if anyone is in doubt I suggest that they
send us all the output files created by the "Prepare Submission" option. 

The current Mac version creates just one output file (called .SBT which contains
the GenBank-style transaction protocol plus a stripped-down EMBL-style flatfile)
which we can load automatically into our database. 

Hope this clarifies matters somewhat.

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