Can AUTHORIN be used to submit sequences to EMBL?

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Mon Jan 13 13:21:19 EST 1992

In article <24430466E0A00307 at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE> David.Hazledine at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE (David Hazledine) writes:
>> Recognizing that EMBL can't make direct use of AUTHORIN's transaction-format
>> files, it seems to me that submission of AUTHORIN-generated EMBL entries should
>> still be preferable to having to fill out the electronic data submission
>> form, which is more prone to errors than use of AUTHORIN.
>I don't know where you got your information from, Brian, but
Specifically, I am referring to the document DATASUB.TXT, the EMBL data
submission form available by anonymous FTP at listserv at embl-heidelberg.de.
Neither this form nor EMBL.HELP mention anything about using AUTHORIN as an
alternative to filling in the electronic form. Perhaps a note to that
effect should be added to one or both of these documents. 
> EMBL *can* make use
>of the output files generated by Authorin, and we welcome Authorin submissions.
>There is absolutely no problem.  Authorin was developed by GenBank with the full
>support of EMBL and DDBJ, for exactly the reasons you state above, and we are
>delighted that the software has proven to be as popular as it has.
Just to clarify things, do you mean that EMBL can now make use of the
AUTHORIN transaction-format files (.ain), or that EMBL prefers
AUTHORIN-generated EMBL flat-file entries (.mbl)?  

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