French CEPH/Genethon cDNA project

"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL Data Library Rainer.Fuchs at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE
Fri Jun 26 07:46:00 EST 1992

For your information:

The first sequence data from the French Genexpress human cDNA sequencing
program, one of the three scientific programs at Genethon*, have been
incorporated into the international nucleotide sequence database this week.
As the result of a collaboration between Genethon and the EMBL Data Library
these sequences are processed automatically and enter the database
immediately they are transmitted to EMBL.  The partial sequences of these
"transcribed sequence fragments" (a term the scientists involved find
preferable to "ESTs") are derived by single reads of one strand of cDNA
clones from human cell lines.  About 1000 sequences arrived this week, and a
constant flow of new data is expected for the future.

Rainer Fuchs (the EMBL Data Library)
Patricia Rodriguez-Tome (Genethon, Computer Center)
Charles Auffray (Genethon/CNRS) Director of Genexpress program

*Genethon is a pluridisciplinary multi-annual program initialized by
CEPH, funded by AFM (Association Francaise contre les Myopathies)
and sponsored by CNRS

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