EMBL-Search v2.1 available

Rainer Fuchs Fuchs at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Mon Sep 28 04:41:35 EST 1992

Version 2.1 of EMBL-Search is now available.

EMBL-Search is a free database query and retrieval program for the Apple
Macintosh for use with the EMBL Sequence Databases CD-ROM. Version 2.1
allows text queries of the PROSITE protein pattern database, in addition to
the EMBL nucleotide and SWISS-PROT protein sequence databases.
Cross-references between EMBL, SWISS-PROT, PROSITE (data) and PROSITE (doc)
can be used to navigate easily between these databases.

EMBL-Search requires the December 1991 EMBL CD-ROM or later. For queries of
PROSITE, the new September 1992 CD-ROM (Disk 1) is needed.

EMBL-Search 2.1 will be provided in binhexed form on the next EMBL CD-ROM.
It can also be obtained by electronic mail from NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
(get mac_software:embl-search.hqx) or by anonymous ftp from
ftp.embl-heidelberg.de (/pub/software/mac/embl-search.hqx). The complete
source code is available as well (embl-search_src.hqx).

Rainer Fuchs
EMBL Data Library
Fuchs at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

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