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Dr. J.A. Lenstra and Dr. J.J. Batenburg write:

|> We consulted accession number M84761, referred to by Amy et al. 
|> (PNAS 89, 1992, 1105-1108), who describe the sequence of the gene of 
|> rat fatty acid synthase. 
|> However, this number belongs to entry RNTHYBS, dealing with another gene 
|> (although Amy et al. are cited!). Could you advise us on how to retrieve the 
|> sequence of the gene for rat fatty acid synthase from the data base?
|> Thank you very much in advance.

The sequence has been corrected, and is now available under the same accession
number and EMBL db-code, in the daily updates from EMBL. The correction is
marked 29-Aug-1992.

In general, it can be found at the national nodes in EMBnet, which have a daily
updated version of the sequence database(s).
At the CAOS/CAMM Center, you can search the databases using XQS, issuing the
This gives you the following hits:

Rattus norvegicus (rat)
  EMNEW:RNFASF      R. norvegicus FAS gene for fatty acid synthase
  EMNEW:RNTHYBS     Rat fatty acid synthase gene, complete cds.
  EM_RO:RNFAACSY    Rat gene for fatty acid synthase (promoter region, exons 1-
  EM_RO:RNFAS       Rat mRNA for fatty acid synthase (EC
  EM_RO:RNFASA      R.norvegicus fatty acid synthase mRNA, complete cds
  1 species found

Hope this helps,


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