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Jaime Prilusky lsprilus at weizmann.weizmann.ac.il
Sat Sep 26 13:04:06 EST 1992

In article <Fuchs-250992081601 at rainer-mac.embl-heidelberg.de> Rainer
 Fuchs at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE writes:
>The simple reason is that the German networks and their connection to the
>international Internet are not very effective, especially for generators
>huge amounts of traffic such as EMBL.
>We are very actively investigating different approaches to improve this
>unsatisfactory situation.

Please remember that our anonymous ftp server holds a COMPLETE COPY of
SOFTWARE AND DATA of the  ftp.embl-heidelberg.de server, and our
access time is really good.

Just anonymous ftp to         sunbcd.weizmann.ac.il

You can also access our data and software into our INN Gopher, to the
same address
and port 70.

 Dr Jaime Prilusky
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 Weizmann Institute of Science       ! fax: 972-8-344113
 76100 Rehovot - Israel              ! tel: 972-8-342470 / 2979

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