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Thu Apr 1 16:58:27 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar31.093441.6087 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, rlippens at ulb.ac.be
(Lippens Renee) writes:
> 	I hope that suggestions to shorten the delay between publication and 
>   release of the sequence which will be expressed on the net, will be 
>   considered by the databank managers.  Because, obviously, asking the authors
>   to notify the databank when data has been published is not ideal. 

Of course they will be considered. I agree, asking the authors to notify the
database is not the whole answer, but it helps when other more automated
mechanisms fail. Matching published to submitted sequences is surpisingly messy 
and labour-intensive if you have to rely on comparisons of sequence, author
names, species etc. We positively welcome interaction with sequence authors as
this often yields significant new information.

> Below are some useful addresses to people looking desperatly for some
> nucleic acid sequence :
> EMBL		Kate Rice			Kate.Rice at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

Our Kate is indeed very useful and quick to help, but nobody will read her
private e-mail while she is away, let alone answer it.
PLEASE use the addresses:
 datalib at embl-heidelberg.de         (for any general query or flame)
 update at embl-heidelberg.de          (if you have details of updates to a
                                     database entry, including publication

Peter Stoehr
EMBL Data Library

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