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Terry Farrah farrah at immunex.com
Mon Apr 5 13:55:58 EST 1993

In response to questions about why database sequences are not always
released immediately after publication, Paul Gilna comments
(regarding GenBank):
> ... we have conferred upon the submitting author, the
> responsibility for updating and maintaining his or her data.

This is sensible for every aspect of the data except publication status.
When scientists ask that their data not be released prior to publication,
it is often because they are in a competitive situation and are motivated
to restrict access to their data.  It is not surprising, then, that
they don't make the effort to notify sequence databases when their data
has been published.

I like Renee Lippens' suggestion:
>   ... why not ask to the Journals or Publishers to notify the databanks when
>   a publication containing an Accession Number is issued.

Terry Farrah  (farrah at immunex.com)

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