where can we ftp embl from?

Dennis Benson dab at ray.nlm.nih.gov
Mon Aug 23 11:33:05 EST 1993

oconnorb at phage.cshl.org ( CSHL) writes:
: I had obtained EMBL updates via ftp from AMBER.MGH.HARVARD.EDU.
: They no longer support this.  Is there any place I can ftp to
: to get updates (the XXEMBL.DATZ files)?  
: Thanks!
: Beth O'Connor
: email: oconnorb at cshl.org

Beth -- NCBI posts daily EMBL updates on its anonymous FTP server; we post
a single daily file that includes all new as well as revised EMBL entries
(so it is probably not identical to the XXEMBL.DATZ files you were previously
using).  The machine name is 'ncbi.nlm.nih.gov' and the directory is:


Dennis Benson

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