where can we ftp embl from?

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Aug 24 04:31:47 EST 1993

In article <25aek8INNk6e at phage.cshl.org>, oconnorb at phage.cshl.org ( CSHL) writes:
|> I had obtained EMBL updates via ftp from AMBER.MGH.HARVARD.EDU.
|> They no longer support this.  Is there any place I can ftp to
|> to get updates (the XXEMBL.DATZ files)?  


the EMBL data library updates are distributed via 'nursing' in 
the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet). Any national node manager
(adresses and details on various GOPHERs and archives, as well as appended
below) will be happy to help you in the European country of interest. 
EMBnet further  maintains an own EMBnet NEWS hierarchy, which transports the 
data as well. NDT (Peter Gad, Sweden), MIPS RPC (K.Heumann, MIPS) and 
HASSLE(Reinhard Doelz, Basel) are projects which deal with enhanced
performance mechanisms to update databases. 

The AMBER ftp archive, as maintained by Mike Cherry, was mirroring my FTP 
site in Basel. However, as we were put severely under pressure from our 
network provider to reduce bandwidth usage, we had to drop the mirror. 
My FTP site in Basel is no longer accessible, but for the Swiss part of 
EMBnet we have a directory in nic.switch.ch (mirror/embnet-ch) which holds 
data sets for Swiss researchers. The archive is updated weekly. 

EMBL maintatins an archive on ftp.embl-heidelberg.de which holds the 
incremental updates as well. 

The only place in the US I know of which updates an FTP archive is the NCBI, 
look in the corresponding directories to find the update files from EMBL. 

The HASSLE protocol was released recently. HASSLETOOLS including the 
incremental update access will be released shortly. 

Reinhard Doelz
EMBnet Switzerland

List of e-Mail addresses of Node Managers in EMBnet follows: 

grabner at embdec.bcc.univie.ac.at
rherzog at ulb.ac.be
hum at biobase.aau.dk
harper at convex.csc.fi
dessen at coli.polytechnique.fr
claude at genethon.fr
datalib at EMBL-Heidelberg.de
dok419 at genius.embnet.dkfz-heidelberg.de
mewes at ehpmic.mips.biochem.mpg.de
savakis at myia.imbb.forth.gr
Isestern at weizmann.weizmann.ac.il
attimonelli at mvx36.csata.it
pongor at genes.icgeb.trieste.it
rodrigol at biomed.uio.no
Lpezzi at cnbvx3.cnb.uam.es
gad at perrier.embnet.se
doran at embl-heidelberg.de
noordik at caos.kun.nl
frysavy at crc.ac.uk
bleasby at daresbury.ac.uk
remenyi at abc.hu

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