Swiss-Prot release 24 now on Blitz

blitz at embl-heidelberg.de blitz at embl-heidelberg.de
Tue Jan 19 08:25:54 EST 1993

  Swiss-Prot #24 now available for use with MPsrch on Blitz server.

  MPsrch is a program for carrying out similarity searches of protein sequence
  databases using the best local similarity algorithm of Smith and Waterman.
  Access to MPsrch is available via an e-mail server: Blitz at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

  The server has just been upgraded to provide searches of Swiss-Prot
  release 24.  This is an increase of approximately 5% in terms of the number 
  of sequences and residues, over release 23.

             Release   Sequences      Amino acids
                23       26706         9 011 391
                24       28154         9 545 427

  To get current help information, e-mail the word HELP in a mail message to
  the Internet address:

	Blitz at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

  John Collins & Shane Sturrock,                    Des Higgins (Data Library)
  Biocomputing Research Unit,                     & Roy Omond (Computer Group)
  University of Edinburgh,                          EMBL,
  Scotland.                                         Heidelberg, Germany.

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