promotor and database-search?

Wed Jan 27 11:13:00 EST 1993

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Suppose you had promotor sequences of several - functionally related - genes with a conserved sequence 
motif in common, 
1) how could you find out, if there is already a binding protein known for this specific motif?
2) how would you look for promotors of other genes containing the same conserved sequence element?
I know that there exists an Eukaryotic Promotor Database - somewhere out there - which might even be 
useful. I also heard that this EPD is available on the EMBL-server. Is there any possibility to access this 
database? If yes, how?
If you have any ideas how to solve this problem - apart from performing a fasta with this sequence and 
looking through the tons of output-datas by hand, we had this idea already and are not thrilled with the 
thougt, since a fasta-search of about 20 nucleotides against the GenEMBL database overwhelms our 
imagination - please let me know!
Thanks in advance


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habermann at aimp.una.ac.at
institute of molecular pathology,  Dr.Bohrgasse7, A1030 Wien


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