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Tue Mar 30 15:34:41 EST 1993

Last year we submitted a DNA sequence to EMBL Databank with the corresponding
protein sequence deduced from it (bss gene from Serratia marcescens, encoding
for bacteriocin 28b). We marked it as not available until publication. 
X62454 was the accession number it was given.

Since this sequence was published on August 1992 (Viejo et al. Cloning and
DNA sequence analysis of a bacteriocin gene of Serratia marcescens'. Journal
of General Microbiology, 138:1737-1743), we thought it was made available
to database users. The fact is it's not, so we wonder:

	1. How long is the avg time from publication to release of a sequence?

	2. What is the correct way to submit such a sequence?

	3. Where can we address to update this entry?

	4. Are there a lot of sequences lost for the searches because of 
	people (like us) simply forgot 'resubmit' them after publication?

I don't know if this is a FAQ question, but we have not been able to find
in the submission form any suggestion (anything like 'Please do inform when
and where your sequence/s have been published to the following address...')

With compliments,

Dr. Miquel Regue			e-mail:regue at farmacia.ub.es
Dept of Microbiology
Faculty of Pharmacy
Barcelona (Spain)

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