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Lippens Renee rlippens at ulb.ac.be
Wed Mar 31 05:32:52 EST 1993

>Miquel Regue writes :
>Last year we submitted a DNA sequence to EMBL Databank with the corresponding
>protein sequence deduced from it (bss gene from Serratia marcescens, encoding
>for bacteriocin 28b). We marked it as not available until publication.
>	< text deleted >
>Since this sequence was published on August 1992 < text deleted >
>we thought it was made available to database users. The fact is it's not.
>	< text deleted >
>	4. Are there a lot of sequences lost for the searches because of
>       people (like us) simply forgot 'resubmit' them after publication?

	Answer to point 4. seems to be YES.
	Very recently I have experienced this problem for four sequences
  within 2 months.  I have lost a bundle of time and energy to find
  e-mail addresses and then to find out which one of GenBank, EMBL or
  DDBJ was in position to release the published information !!

	I hope that suggestions to shorten the delay between publication and 
  release of the sequence which will be expressed on the net, will be 
  considered by the databank managers.  Because, obviously, asking the authors
  to notify the databank when data has been published is not ideal. 

Below are some useful addresses to people looking desperatly for some
nucleic acid sequence :
EMBL		Kate Rice			Kate.Rice at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
GenBank		Barbara Rapp			rapp at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
						rose at weft.nlm.nih.gov
		Jolene Schwertfeger		jjs at temin.Lanl.GOV
DDBJ		citation and data update	ddbjsub at ddbj.nig.ac.jp
		Shigeko Suzuki			ssuzuki at genes.nig.ac.jp

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