Mac FASTA problem

William R. Pearson wrp at dayhoff.med.Virginia.EDU
Sun Nov 28 21:48:56 EST 1993

FASTA1.6c22m update for the Macintosh

     Although I thought that I had corrected a problem with the
Macintosh version of FASTA reading EMBL and NBRF/ATLAS format CD-ROM
files in FASTA1.6c22 last year, apparently I did not.  A new version
of Mac FASTA (1.6c22m) is being distributed to everyone who has
received version 1.6c22 from me.  This version works properly with the
EMBL and NBRF/ATLAS CD-ROM's.  The older version appears to have
missed about half of the sequences in the VMS/PIR format.  If you have
relied on the older version of FASTA, you should definately re-do your

     In addition, this new version works with the compressed DNA
sequence files found on the NBRF/ATLAS CD-ROM in the DATA:FOR
folder.  The new  version also corrects  some problems with  EMBL
format files, and implements a  buffering  scheme properly
that should speed up searches about 80%.

     I am very very sorry that the Macintosh version of FASTA has
had this serious flaw.  It is especially frustrating because I
thought that it had been fixed a year ago.  When using FASTA, or
any computer program, you should always make certain that the
size of the database scanned is the same as the size of the
database specified in the release notes.

Bill Pearson
wrp at virginia.EDU
(804) 924-2818

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