EMBL weekly update 931010.dat

Rainer Fuchs Fuchs at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Wed Oct 13 02:54:14 EST 1993

In article <29bcrlINNn77 at dapsun.lif.icnet.uk>, alex at bison.lif.icnet.uk
(Alex Whittaker - BIU) wrote:

>   This morning, the automatic updating software I installed to pull weekly
>  updates of EMBL failed. I wonder how many other updates failed allong with
>  it. The cause is the double entry for Z25875, present in weekly update
>  931010.dat.Z consecutively with locus names SYHA12M and SYHA12MX. Is this an
>  oversight at EMBL's end or have I just failed to read the rules of engaement
>  correctly?

What happened was that an EMBL entry was renamed for some reason, i.e., the
entry name changed from SYHA12M to SYHA12MX. Unfortunately, the old entry
was not removed from the file store which is used to build the weekly

We try to keep this sort of changes to a minimum. To be on the safe side
could instruct your software to check the DT lines if it comes across two
entries with identical accession numbers, so that it can throw away the
older version.


Rainer Fuchs
EMBL Data Library
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