Bonnie L. Maidak bonnie at indy.life.uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 21 13:24:41 EST 1994

I'm posting this for Carl Woese, who writes:

Since August 1994 folks in my lab have been trying to obtain sequence
accession number X71853 from the EBI/EMBL database. It has been listed
in a published paper:
Rainey,F.A. and Stackebrandt,E. (1993) 16S rDNA analysis reveals
phylogenetic diversity among the polysaccharolytic clostridia. FEMS
Microbiol. Letters, 113, 125-128

Mail from staff at EMBL Aug 18, 1994 stated that the sequence had been
released. Retrying Sep 14, 1994, the sequence is still unobtainable.
Mail was sent to EBI/EMBL staff Sep 14, 1994. No reply. Retries Sep 29
and Oct 28 and Nov 11 and today of both the EBI and NCBI server
still do not provide the sequence.

What's the story?

Carl Woese

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