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In article <2gjsieINNmrd at emory.mathcs.emory.edu> sammons at bimcore.emory.edu writes:
>I was wondering if anyone knew if a DNA profile database existed (similar to Prosite)
>of commonly found functional sequence consensuses?

There's TFD out of NIH, now up to version 7.

Ghosh, D. (1990)  Nucleic Acids Research 18:  1749-1756.
Ghosh, D. (1991)  Trends in Biochemical Sciences 16:  455-457.
Ghosh, D. (1992)  Nucleic Acids Research 20S:  2091-2093.

Can be accessed through the NIH gopher or downloaded from NCBI.  Some programs that can use the sites file of the database include some GCG
search programs and a nice MSDOS public domain program called Signal Scan, now up to version 3.

Prestridge, D.S. (1991) SIGNAL SCAN: A computer program that scans DNA 
sequences for eukaryotic transcriptional elements. CABIOS 7, 203-206.

  The author welcomes comments and suggestions on the program or additions
to the database.  Please contact and send registration to:

  Dr. Dan S. Prestridge                        tele:(303) 465-0658
  Dept. of Mol., Cell., and Devl. Biology      email:DANP at BEAGLE.COLORADO.EDU
  University of Colorado
  Boulder, Colorado   80309-0347

Mike Holloway
mhollowa at epo.som.sunysb.edu

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