Is Intelligenetics release of EMBL36 corrupt?

Julie Lawrence julie at net.bio.net
Tue Jan 18 17:57:41 EST 1994

Alex Whittaker reported a problem with the EMBL36 release from
IntelliGenetics in which "findseq gave incorrect summaries in the
'view list' option but correct ones in the 'inspect and retrieve' option."
A problem occurred in the production of the EMBL36 data bank on
the 93.4.0 release of the IntelliGenetics data banks.  Unfortunately,
this problem was not discovered until after the release had been
shipped.  CD-ROM Release 93.4.1 contained a corrected version of EMBL36,
along with a notice informing users that they should replace the
incorrect version. Special patch tapes containing the corrected EMBL36  
were prepared and shipped to all customers with tape subscriptions.
If you encounter the problem described above, please contact your
system administrator and request that the corrected version of EMBL36
be loaded, or contact IntelliGenetics Customer Support at
800-486-7489 or 415-962-7300, or by email at consult at presto.ig.com.

Julie Lawrence
Customer Services Manager
IntelliGenetics, Inc.

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