Call For Participation IEEE ICDE94 - Houston, TX

Arthur K. S. Yeo aksyeo at rodin.cs.uh.edu
Thu Jan 20 23:42:26 EST 1994

           C A L L   F O R   P A R T I C I P A T I O N
                          I C D E - 1 0

        Tenth International Conference on Data Engineering 

               Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society 
	        Doubletree Hotel, Houston, Texas   
                    February 14-18, 1994

This and other information concerning ICDE 1994 is available
for anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.uh.edu (directory /pub/icde94).

This document includes:
- Conference Description
- Registration Forms
- Preliminary Program


Data Engineering deals with the modeling and structuring of data in
the development and use of information systems, as well as with
relevant aspects of computer systems and architecture.  The Tenth Data
Engineering Conference will provide a forum for the sharing of
original research results and engineering experiences among
researchers and practitioners interested in automated data and
knowledge management.  The purpose of the conference is to examine
problems facing the developers of future information systems, the
applicability of existing research solutions and the directions for
new research.  


Research papers sessions on Disk Storage Management, Management of
Distributed Data, Query Processing, Analytical Modeling, Temporal
Databases, Multidatabase Systems, Knowledge and Rule Management,
Indexing Techniques, Data Mining, Parallel Databases, and Heterogeneous
Information Systems.

Invited presentations by Al Aho (Bellcore): "Engineering Universal
Access to Distributted Interactive Multimedia Data" and Gio Wiederhold
(ARPA): "From Data Engineering to Information Engineering".

Panel discussions on Mobile Computing, Business Applications of Data
Mining, and Future Database Technologies.

Technology and Application Track with practice-oriented presentations of
applications of database technologies.


1) Klaus Dittrich (Zurich University) and Jennifer Widom (IBM
Almaden), "Active Database Systems", Sunday, February 13, 1994, (full

2) Krishna Kulkarni (Tandem Computers Inc.) and Andrew Eisenberg (DEC),
"New Developments in SQL Standard", Monday Morning, February 14,
1994, (half day).

3) Prasun Dewan (University of North Carolina), "User Interfaces and
Databases", Tuesday Morning, February 15, 1994, (half day).

4) Arif Ghafoor (Purdue University) "Multimedia Database Systems",
Monday Afternoon, February 14, 1994, (half day).

5) Wolfgang Klas, Karl Aberer (GMD - IPSI), "Object-oriented Modeling
of Hypermedia Documents, Monday Morning, February 14, 1994, (half day).

6) Lynn L. Peterson and J. C. G Ramirez (University of Texas),
"Medical Databases", Tuesday Afternoon, February 15, 1994, (half day).

7) Gerti Kappel (University of Linz) and Gregor Engels (Leiden
University), "Object-Oriented Systems Development: From Analysis to
Implementation", Monday Afternoon, February 14, 1994, (half day).

Local arrangements

The 10th ICDE will take place in Houston - the fourth largest city in
USA.  Local attractions range from the NASA Johnson Space Center,
where you can visit the control center for space flights, to
Houston Rodeo (the largest in the world!), which starts during the
weekend following the Conference.  San Antonio with its famous
Riverwalk and New Orleans with its French Quarter are only a short
drive away.  The conference banquet will be a Texas Country and Western
Evening at the Post Oak Ranch (the seating is limited so please
reserve your tickets early - $38 each).
Organizing Committee

General Chairpersons
Ahmed K. Elmagarmid, Purdue Univ. and Erich Neuhold, GMD-IPSI Darmstadt   

Program Chair
Marek Rusinkiewicz, Univ. of Houston

Tutorial Program
Omran Bukhres, Purdue Univ. and Peter Muth, GMD-IPSI Darmstadt

Panel Program
Witold Litwin, Univ. of California at Berkeley 

Program Committee
Rafael Alonso, MITL
B. R. Badrinath, Rutgers Univ. 
Elisa Bertino, Univ. of Genoa (vice chair - Object-Oriented systems)
Yuri Breitbart, Univ. of Kentucky
Alex Buchmann, TH Darmstadt
Phil Canatta, MCC
John Carlis, Univ. of Minnesota (publications)
Arbee Chen, National Tsing Hua Univ. 
Peter Dadam, Univ. Ulm   		
Amr El Abbadi, Univ. California at Santa Barbara
Ramez Elmasri, Univ Texas at Arlington (vice chair - data modeling)
George Gardarin, INRIA 						
Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, GTE Labs
Goetz Graefe, Portland State Univ.
Ralf Hartmut Gueting, Univ. Hagen
Theo Haerder, Univ. Kaiserslautern
Tomasz Imielinski, Rutgers Univ. (vice chair - database theory)
Bala Iyer, IBM DB Technology Lab, San Jose 				
H. V. Jagadish, AT&T Bell Labs
Matthias Jarke, Aachen Univ.
Christian Jensen, Aalborg University	
Jie-Yong Juang, National Taiwan Univ.
Leonid Kalinichenko, Russian Academy of Sciences
Yahiko Kambayashi, Kyoto Univ.
Larry Kerschberg, George Mason Univ.
Masaru Kitsuregawa (vice chair, parallel databases)
Yasushi Kiyoki, Univ. of Tsukuba
Wolfgang Klas, GMD-IPSI Darmstadt
eva Kuehn, University of Technology Vienna
Paul Larson, Waterloo Univ. (vice chair - access methods)		
Dik Lee, Ohio State Univ.
Witold Litwin, Univ. of California at Berkeley
Akifumi Makinouchi, Kyushu Univ.
Yutaka Matsushita, Keio Univ.  	
James McKenna, Bellcore
Dennis McLeod, UCS (vice chair, heterogeneous databases)
Alberto Mendelzon, Univ. Toronto
Michele Missikoff, IASI-CNR, Rome			
C. Mohan, IBM Almaden (vice chair - transaction management)
John Mylopoulos, Univ. of Toronto
Mike Papazoglou, Queensland Univ. of Technology
Jehan-Francois Paris, Univ. of Houston
Calton Pu, Columbia Univ.
Raghu Ramakrishnan, Univ. of Wisconsin
Krithi Ramamritham, Univ. of Massachusetts
Andreas Reuter, Univ. Stuttgart
Nick Roussopoulos, Univ. of Maryland
Hans Schek, ETH Zurich (vice chair - extensible and spatial databases)
Peter Scheuermann, Northwestern Univ.
Gunter Schlageter, Univi. of Hagen 
Arie Segev, Univ of California at Berkely
Ming Shan, HP Labs
Amit Sheth (Technology and Applications track)
Anoop Singhal, AT&T Labs 					
Richard Snodgrass, Univ. of Arizona (vice chair - temporal databases)
Mike Stonebraker, Univ. California at Berkeley  (Awards)
Alex Tomassian, IBM Watson
Susan Urban, Arizona State Univ.
Gerhard Weikum, ETH Zurich
Antoni Wolski, Research Center of Finland			
Gene Wuu, Bellcore 						

European Coordinators
eva Kuehn, University of Technology Vienna  
Gunter Schlageter,  University of  Hagen

Far East Coordinators
Yutaka Matsushita, Keio University
Mike Papazoglou, Queensland University of Technology

Industrial and Exhibits Program
Daniel Barbara, MITL

Abdelsalam Helal, University of Texas at Arlington					

Financial Chair
Ernst Leiss, University of Houston				

Local Arrangements
J.F. Paris, University of Houston (chair)
C. Eick, University of Houston
A. Cheng, University of Houston (Registration)				

Publications and Awards
All accepted papers will appear in the Proceedings published by IEEE
Computer Society.  The authors of selected papers will be invited to
submit an extended version for possible publication in the IEEE CS
"Transactions on Data and Knowledge Engineering" and in the "Journal of
Distributed and Parallel Databases."  An award will be given to the best
paper.  A separate award honoring K.S. Fu will be given to the best
student paper (authored solely by students).  A limited number of
travel grants to help defray travel costs of student authors may be


                     ICDE'94  REGISTRATION FORM

Please complete this form (TYPE or PRINT), and return with your payment.

Last Name: ______________________________ First Name:_________________________
Title: (Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms./Prof.):_______________________

Company: _____________________________________________________________________ 


City:___________________________________ State:_______________________________ 

Zip/Postal Code:_________________ Country:____________________________________

Telephone:_____________________________ Fax:__________________________________


Payment in US dollars ONLY. (Please indicate method of payment):

__ Check drawn on a US bank or International Money Order.

__ Charge my credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX)

ADVANCE (Received by January 25, 1994):

Registration  __ Member($290)  __ Non-Member($360)   __ Student($70)

Tutorials (Full day/Half day) __Member ($200/$120)  __ Non-Member($250/$150)

LATE/ONSITE (Received after January 25, 1994):

Registration  __ Member($320)  __ Non-Member($460)   __ Student($110)

Tutorials (Full day/Half day) __Member ($240/$150)  __ Non-Member($300/$185)

Please circle the tutorial Number(s)

        1      2      3       4       5       6      7      

Additional Reception Tickets ($30/ea) ___________

Banquet Tickets (Texas Country and Western Evening) ($38/ea) ___________

                                         Total Amount: ____________________ 

Charge my Credit Card (VISA, MC, AMEX): ___________   

Credit Card Number: ________________________   Expiration Date: ___________

                                         Signature: _______________________

Send registration form with fee (make checks payable to ICDE-94):

	 Dr. Albert Cheng, ICDE-94 
	 Computer Science Department
	 University of Houston
	 Houston, TX 77204-3475 U.S.A.
 	 fax: (713) 743-3335
	 e-mail: icde94 at cs.uh.edu 

by January 25, 1994.  The conference registration fee covers the
proceedings, conference reception, and refreshments during the
conference, but not the banquet.  Banquet tickets for the Texas
Evening, Thursday Febraury 17, 1994 are $38 each.  Additional
reception tickets may be purchased for $30 each.

Call the Houston Doubletree Hotel Post Oak at (800) 528-0444 or 
(713)  961-9300 (FAX (713) 623-6685) to make your hotel reservation.  To
obtain the special conference rate of U.S. $85.00 per night for Single
or Double, you must tell them you are attending the ICDE-94
conference.  The cut-off date for guaranteed guest room reservations
is February 1, 1994. If you have any questions on registration,
tutorials, or program, please send e-mail to icde94 at cs.uh.edu or fax
to (713) 743-3335.

                 P R E L I M I N A R Y  P R O G R A M

| Wednesday, February 16th |

10:00-11:00    Opening

11:00-12:00    Keynote Speach: "Engineering Universal Access to Distributted
               Interactive Multimedia Data" Al Aho (Bellcore)

12:00-13:30    Lunch

13:30-15:00    Three Parallel Sessions (1,2,3)

               Session 1: Analytical Modeling
            -  "On A More Realistic Lock Contention Model And Its Analysis"
                A. Thomasian
            -  "Approximate Analysis Of Real-Time Database Systems"
                J. Haritsa
            -  "Object Allocation In Distributed Databases And Mobile Computers"
                Y. Huang, O. Wolfson

               Session 2: Data Replication and Distribution

            - "Supporting Partial Data Accesses To Replicated Data"
               P. Triantafillou, F. Xiao
            - "Efficient Support For Partial Write Operations In 
               Replicated Databases"
               M. Rabinovich, E. Lazowska
            - "Mariposa: A new Architecture for Distributed Data"
               M. Stonebraker, P. M. Aoki, R.Devine, W. Litwin, M. Olson

               Session 3: Query Optimization

            - "Exploiting Uniqueness in Query Optimization"
               G.N Paulley, P. Larson
            - "A Multi-set Extended Relational Algebra a Formal Approach
               to a Practical Issue"
               P. Grefen, R. De By
            - "Performing Group-By Before Join"
               W.P. Yan, P. Larson
15:00-15:30    Break

15:30-17:00    Three Parallel Sessions (4,5,6)

               Session 4: Disk Storage Management 

            - "Analysis of Reorganization Overhead in Log-Structured 
               File Systems"
               J. Robinson, P. Franaszek
            - "Performance Analysis of RAID5 Disk Arrays with a  Vacationing
               Server  Model  for Rebuild Mode Operation" 
               A. Thomasian, J. Menon
            - "Storage Reclamation and Reorganization in Client-Server 
               Persistent Object Stores"
               V. Yong, J. Naughton, J. Yu

               Session 5: Multidatabase Systems

            - "Cooperative Problem Solving Using Database Conversations"
               T. Kirsche, R. Lenz, T. Ruf, H. Wedekind
            - "A Query Sampling Method of Estimating Local Cost Parameters
               in  a  Multidatabase System"
               Q. Zhu, P. Larson
            - "Resolving Attribute  Incompatibility  In  Database  
               Integration:  An  Evidential Reasoning Approach"
               E.-P. Lim, J. Srivastava, S. Shekhar

               Session 6: Panel Discussion
               Topic: "The Role of Knowledge Mining in the Development and 
               Evolution of new Applications"
               Moderator: David Cohen (Sente)
               Panel members:
               L. Berke (BellSouth)
               P. Bloom (Bellcore)
               D. Tsur (Center for HPC, University of Texas)

17:00-18:00    Break

18:00-21:00    Reception

| Thursday, February 17th |

09:00-10:00    Keynote Speach: "From Data Engineering to Information Engineering"
               Gio Wiederhold (ARPA)

10:00-10:30    Break

10:30-12:00    Three Parallel Sessions (7,8,9)

               Session 7: Panel Discussion
               Topic: "The Impact of Database Research on Industrial Products"
               Moderator: Daniel Barbara( M.I.T.L.)
               Panel members:
               J. Blakeley (Texas Instruments)
               D. Fishman (HP Labs)
               D. Lomet (DEC)
               C. Mohan (IBM Almaden)
               M. Stonebraker (Miron)

               Session 8: Schema Evolution

            - "Managing Change in the Rufus System"
               P. Schwarz, K. Shoens
            - "Polymorphic Reuse Mechanisms for Object-Oriented Database
               L. Liu, R. Zicari, K. Lieberherr, W. Hursch
            - "A Method for Transforming Relational Schemas Into 
               Conceptual Schemas"
               P. Johannesson

               Session 9: Knowledge Bases and Rule Processing 

            - "On the Interaction Between ISA and Cardinality Constraints"
               D. Calvanese, M. Lenzerini
            - "Comparing and Synthesizing Integrity Checking Methods for 
               Deductive Databases"
               C. Garcia, L. Mota, M. Celma
            - "Discovering Database Summaries through Refinements of 
               Fuzzy Hypotheses"
               D.H. Lee, M.H. Myoung

12:00-13:30    Lunch

13:30-15:00    Three Parallel Sessions (10,11,12)

               Session 10: Parallel Databases 

            - "Declustering Techniques for Parallelizing Temporal 
               Access Structures"
               V. Kouramajian, R. Elmasri, A. Chaudhry
            - "Disk Allocation Methods for Parallelizing Grid Files"
               Y. Zhou, S. Shekhar, M. Coyle
            - "Object Placement in Parallel Object-Oriented Database Systems"
               S. Ghandeharizadeh, D. Wilhite, K. Lin, X. Zhao

               Session 11: Temporal Databases

            - "Implementing Calendars and Temporal Rules in Next Generation
               R. Chandra, A. Segev, M. Stonebraker
            - "The TP-Index: A Dynamic and Efficient Indexing Mechanism for
               Temporal Databases"
               H. Shen, B.C. Ooi, H.J. Lu
            - "Efficient Evaluation of the Valid-Time Natural Join"
               M. Soo, R. Snodgrass, C. Jensen

               Session 12: Knowledge Mining 

            - "Magritte: Comprehending Large-Scale Connectivity in 
               Object-Oriented Databases"
               V. Vasudevan
            - "Supporting Data Mining of Large Databases by Visual 
               Feedback Queries"
               D. Keim, H. Kriegel, T. Seidl
            - "QBISM: Extending a DBMS to Support 3D Medical Images"
               M. Arya, W. Cody, C. Faloutsos, J. Richardson, A. Toga

15:00-15:30    Break

15:30-17:30    Three Parallel Sessions (13,14,15)

               Session 13: Indexing Techniques

            - "Efficient Organization of Large Multidimensional Arrays"
               S. Sarasatgi, M. Stonebraker
            - "Index Structures for Information Filtering under the Vector
               Space Model"
               T. Yan, H. Garcia-Molina
            - "An Efficient Relational Implementation of  Recursive  
               Relationships  using  Path Signatures"
               J. Teuhola
            - "Performance Evaluation of Grid Based Multi-Attibute 
               Record Declustering Methods"
               B. Himatsingka, J. Srivastava

               Session 14: Technology and Applications
            - "Knowledge-Based Handling of Design Expertise"
               P. Morizet-Mahoudeaux, E. Suzuki, S. Ohsuga
            - "Active Databases for Active Repositories"
               H. Jasper
            - "Papyrus:A History-Based VLSI Design Process Management System"
               T. Chiueh, R. Katz
            - "X.500 Directory Schema Management"
               D. Silver, J. Hong, M. Bauer

               Session 15: Invited Industrial Presentations I

            - "Data Management in Delayed Conferencing"
               A. Hsu (Siemens)
            -  Transactional Workflows: Research, Enabling Technologies, 
               and Applications
               A. Sheth (Bellcore)
            - "Parallel Approaches to Database Management"
               D. Reiner (Kendall Square)

17:30-19:00    Break

19:00-22:00    Country and Western Banquet

| Friday,  February 18th |

09:00-10:30    Three Parallel Sessions (16,17,18)

               Session 16: Query Processing

            - "Sort-Merge-Join: An Idea whose time has(h) passed?"
               G. Graefe
            - "Data Placement and Buffer Management for  Concurrent  Mergesorts
               with  Parallel Prefetching"
               K.L. Wu, P.S. Yu, Z.T. Teng
            - "Fast Ranking in Limited Space"
               A. Moffat, J. Zobel

               Session 17: Heterogeneity and  Multidatabase Systems

            - "Capturing Design Dynamics the Concord Approach"
               N. Ritter, B. Mitschang, T. Harder, M. Gesmann, H. Schoning
            - "Semantics-Based Multilevel Transaction Management in 
               Federated Systems"
               A. Deacon, H. Schek, G. Weikum
            - "Specification and Management of Extended Transactions in a
               Programmable  Transaction Environment"
               D. Georgakopoulos, M. Hornick, P. Krychniak, F. Manola

               Session 18: Panel Discussion
               Topic: "Nomadic, Wireless Computing"
               Moderator: T. Imielinski (Rutgers Univ.)
               Panel members:
               R. Alonso (M.I.T.L.)
               W. Litwin (Univ. of Paris)
               M. Stonebraker (UC Berkeley)
               O. Wolfson (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)
10:30-11:00    Break

11:00-12:30    Three parallel sessions (19,20,21)

               Session 19: Advanced Query Processing Techniques

            - "Query Optimization Strategies for Browsing Sessions"
               M.L. Kersten, M.F.N. De Boer
            - "Analysis  of  Common  Subexpression  Exploitation  Models
               in   Multiple-Query Processing"
               J. Alsabbagh, V. Raghavan
            - "A Hybrid Transitive Closure Algorithm for Sequential 
               and Parallel Processing"
               Q. Yang, C. Yu, C. Liu, T. Pham

               Session 20: Object-Oriented Databases

            - "OID Network: An Efficient Navigational Structure  for  
               Object-Oriented  Database Systems"
               K. Hua, C. Tripathy
            - "Applying Signatures for Forward Traversal Query  Processing 
               in  Object-Oriented Databases"
               H.S. Yong, S. Lee, H.J. Kim
            - "On the Selection of Optimal Index Configuration in 
               Object-Oriented Databases"
               S. Choenni, E. Bertino, H.M. Blanken, T. Chang

               Session 21: Invited Industrial Presentations II

            - "Transactional Workflow Management in Distributed Object
               Computing Environments"
               D. Georgakopoulos (GTE)
            - "Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems"
               W. Carpenter (MITRE)

12:30-14:00    Lunch  

14:00-15:30   Session 22: Plenary Panel Discussion
              Title: The Information Superhighway; Implications and Issues
              Moderator: M. Stonebraker (UC Berkeley)
              Participants: Michael Brodie (GTE Labs)
                            Gio Wiederhold (ARPA)

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