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Laura L. Walsh lwalsh at nemo.life.uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 7 13:54:03 EST 1994

Once again, I am making my "Annotated Guide to the Brookhaven Protein 
Data Bank" available.  This file includes listings for all of the 
files in the January, 1994 release.  The main additions this year are a 
complete listing of all of the lysozyme files, a better organization of 
the DNA files, and, most importantly, structure classifications for all 
of the protein chains in the data bank.

There is also a companion file which lists all of the sequence 
relations among the individual protein chains.  This file is called 
the "Sequence Relations" file.

Most importantly, if there are errors, which there probably are, given
that we are dealing with 2327 files, I would appreciate being informed 
of such.  

Please cite the work as suggested in the files if you use it in your 
own work.  A write up of the work has been submitted for publication 
and may appear later this year.  If so, the suggested citation will 

Laura Lynn Walsh

------------------- the retrieval instructions follow -------

e-mail)   send a message:

         select chemistry
         cd documents/PDB/PDB_file_list
         limit 500kB
         size 70kB
         get pdb_annot_jan94.txt
         get pdb_annot_jan94
         get pdb_seq_rel_jan94
     to MAILSERV at osc.edu

ftp)    ftp infomeister.osc.edu         (or ftp
        Name: anonymous
        Passwd: YOUR_e-mail_address
        ftp> cd /pub/chemistry/documents/PDB/PDB_file_list
        ftp>  get pdb_annot_jan94.txt
        ftp>  get pdb_annot_jan94
        ftp>  get pdb_seq_rel_jan94
        ftp>  quit

gopher) gopher infomeister.osc.edu 73

WWW)    http://www.osc.edu/~ccl/documents.html
           Protein Data Bank

------------------- end retrieval instructions --------------

Laura Walsh, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois
405 N. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL  61801  (217) 244-2894
lwalsh at silibio.ncsa.uiuc.edu

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