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In article <JRValverde-160394174741 at anu.iib.uam.es>, JRValverde at Enlil.iib.uam.es (J. R. Valverde) writes:
|> Hi to you all,
|>    I've learned that there is the possibility of automatically updating
|> the EMBL databases in EMBnet using a special program that handles and
|> automates all file transfers.

The program is called NDT and has been invented and implemented by Peter Gad, 
Uppsala, Swedish EMBnet node. 

As you are (guessing from the mail address) in Madrid, Spain, the good news for 
you are that the spanish EMBnet node at the Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia
runs a daily updated EMBL database already. The contact is: Jose-Maria Carazo, 
Carazo at Samba.cnb.uam.es, Tel.: +341-585-4505 . 

|>    It seems that this program is only supported for VMS systems running
|> UCX or MultiNet as the TCP/IP carriers.

Pardon me but I would like to extend your statement to a more general apology 
of the current developer's situation. Both Peter and myself do development
on a basis of academic environments, which implies that we are not 
directly funded to develop software on all-of-the-possible platforms but 
rather are employed to make it run here and at our site. If we give it away 
then this is a matter of goodwill. The current zoo of operating systems 
you could possibly want to support is about 50. We have only about 5 configu-
rations in-house. So, making a relase means to do a lot (factor 10) more 
validation work for a given program. This is, bluntly speaking, impossible. 

|>    Now, my question: anyone knows if there is any version supporting the
|> CMU/IP package? And if not, does anyone know where can I get (if it is
|> freely available) the sources so that I can try to port the program to
|> CMU/IP?

Peter Gad is 'master of the code' and there should be only versions maintained 
by himself. 

|>    If it is not available, does anyone know who the authors are and how
|> can I contact them?

The 'Nodes of EMBnet'  database tells you more: 

 -->  4.  EMBNet BioInformation Resource Switzerland/
  -->  1.  About EMBnet/
   -->  7.  Index of 'The Nodes of EMBnet' database  <?>
    Words to search for:   gad

 -->  1.  sweden   ..t BioInformation Resource Switzerland/About EMBnet/nodes/.
      2.  EMBnet News   ..et BioInformation Resource Switzerland/About EMBnet/.

                                                 Contact person(s):  Peter Gad
                           Electronic Mail contact(s):   gad at perrier.embnet.se
                                     Tel.: +46-18-174016 , Fax.: +46-18-551759

Let me add a final word wrt updating: The transfer of the data is only half of 
the problem; as you need to integrate the data into your environment. We are 
currently running an EMBnet project on describing the routines of the data trans-
fer procedures, and the integration work. The report will be available at the 
time where the project is finished. 


Note that  the software  mentioned  resembles  Computer  Program(s)  which 
require a license in order to be run unless stated otherwise in  a  state-
ment  codistributed with the software. The use of the program(s) was  men-
tioned  within  a specific problem or example and must not be used to con-
clude that other  software products cannot possibly do a similar job. 

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