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Carvalho Torres Alexandro cassio-UACPYP (carvalho at UNAMVM1.DGSCA.UNAM.MX) wrote:
: How I can get sequences from the EMBL bank using the name of the species 
: and teh genus. What is it the "magic words".
: Alexandro Carvalho
: Depto de Infectologia-INNSZ.
: Mexico
The answer is dependent of which software you have available locally.
If you have a forms capable web client, you can access
This is the web based SRS (Author Thure Etzold, EMBL) running in the EBI
(European Bioinformatics institute, EMBL outstation) in UK.
EBI is the source of EMBL database, allowing you access to the
most recent data.
Once connected to our SRS server, select "Search sequence libraries"
Which will return you a form in which you can fill in Species and
genus name
Select "organism" from the button in front of the search field
After pushing "Do-Query"
you get a list of all matching database entries. 
If you want to retreive them all, select "view complete entries"
and save this to a local file (Save as...)



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