Help! I need some addresses! Email and Postal!

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Aug 22 04:48:40 EST 1995

D.J.Cant (D.J.Cant at shef.ac.uk) wrote:
: I am looking for the addresses to the following institutes:

: (If there is an Email address to contact them with, then so much the 
: better.)

:          MRC (England)
As you are mailing from the UK, I would expect you know that "MRC" is not an 
institute. You can get information on MRC institutes at
:          ICRF (England)
:          EMBL (Germany)
You can find information on EMBL Heidelberg, and the 3 outstations (Hamburg,
Grenoble, Hinxton) at http://www.embl-heidelberg.de
Depending on whom you want to contact, I could give you several 100 email 
:          Max Planck Inst. (Germany)
:          Biozentrum (Switzerland)
:          F. Miescher Inst. (Switzerland)

: If as in some cases, there may be more than one address, i would likle to 
: have all of them.  I wouold be extremely appreciative of anyone who can 
: help me.  Please use my Email address to contact me.

:                  Charles Cant.

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