controversies & ethics

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Fri Feb 10 01:44:24 EST 1995

On 31 Jan 1995, Jared Roach wrote:
>         2) The human race as a whole (or national governments, or
> individuals) is slow to reach consensus on ethical issues (i.e.
> religion, abortion, the creation of new species, etc.)  Science
> should slow its pace of discovery to allow Ethics to catch up.

I could never go along with this point.  What, tell us all that we 
should quit looking at this?  Stop research concerning that?  Take up a 
new trade, like house painting?  I do and will continue to study and learn 
just as quickly as I am physically capable.  I could never say, "well, 
that result sure does point to a VERY exciting, very interesting, line of 
research that would increase my understanding of x.  Well, maybe I'll 
just cool my jets and let it go for a decade or so.  Sure don't want to 
upset those who can't handle the fast pace of scientific understanding."

In any case, it is a pointless thought since if this or that or those 
countries stopped research on x, then some other country or group would 
take it up because there would be a possible economic boon tied to it.  
If not us, then someone else.  Humans have never and will never all agree 
to the same extent on ANYTHING.  I would go to any location that would 
support what I am interested in researching, be it transgenics or gene 
therapy, etc.

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