Notice of Accession Number format change

Peter Stoehr stoehr at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jun 1 12:09:41 EST 1995

Notice of Accession Number format change
Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaborative Agreement
31 May 1995

Currently, accession numbers used by the nucleotide sequence databases 
consist of one prefix letter followed by 5 digits.  EST projects and 
projects to add patent data have accelerated the need to extend the 
accession number space.  It is projected that the databases will run out of 
accession numbers within 8 to 10 months.

It is clear that:

* As much notice as possible should be given to users and software developers 
* The change should make a large enough space that another change will not 
  be necessary in the foreseeable future.  
* The accession number should continue to be readily identifiable as a 
  DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank accession number.

The collaborators concluded that:

* A new form of accession number will be created, defined as an
  8-character alphanumeric string, beginning with two upper case
  letters and followed only by digits (e.g., SR004562).  Leading and
  trailing zeros are significant.  The letter 'O' will not be used.

* Existing 6-character accession numbers will remain as they are, and will 
  never be transformed to an 8-character form.
* New accession numbers will not be used before February 1, 1996. The groups 
  agree to avoid using new accession numbers as long as possible after that.

The International Nucleotide Sequence Databases

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