Changes to EBI-FTP database directories

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 08:28:03 EST 1995

Between June 16th & 19th 1995, the subdirectories of 
will be reorganized on ftp.ebi.ac.uk (ftp.embl-ebi.ac.uk)
On June 16th, a new entry will be created for all subdirectories that
are currently located in /pub/databases/protein_extras/
These new directories will be located one level higher in the directory tree
e.g. /pub/databases/protein_extras/hssp will become /pub/databases/hssp
On June 19th, the old locations in /pub/databases/protein_extras/
will dissappear

If you run a mirror process on any of the following directories then change
your scripts during the period  16-19 June

Affected directories:

If you need more information, contact nethelp at ebi.ac.uk

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