DAHP-Synthase from plants

Michael Breuer UNC802 at ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de
Thu Jun 8 16:52:00 EST 1995

Hello netters,
in our group we are interested to clone the deoxy-arabino-heptulosonate-
7-phosphate synthase from plants of the Celastraceae family. We plan to
amplify parts of the gene by PCR. Does anybody have some ideas about the
location of exons/introns in the DAHP-synthase genes cloned from plants?
All data I have at hand, stem from cDNA clones of the gene. Since we are
notyet interested in the whole gene(s), we shyed away from the preparation
of cDNA.
Any help concerning the topic is appreciated.
Cheers, Michael Breuer (unc802 at ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de)

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