FASTA 2.0x avaiable

Francis Ouellette francis at borduas.nlm.nih.gov
Sun Mar 12 17:00:21 EST 1995

Dr. Kent L. Nastiuk (nastiuk at rockvax.rockefeller.edu) wrote:

> wrp at reed0.med.Virginia.EDU (Bill Pearson) wrote:
> >
> > 
> > A new (experimental) release of the FASTA program package is now
> > available from virginia.edu in pub/fasta/fasta20x.shar(.Z). Version
> > 2.0x incorporates several major improvements in the FASTA and SSEARCH
> > (Smith-Waterman) sequence searching programs:
> > 
> i tried to login to 'virginia.edu' and 'reed0...', but could access neither

> could you provide better ftp site information, including how to login
> (ie guest, anonymous, or whatever?

If you look in Amos Bairoch's 'serv_ftp.txt' document, you
will find these coordinates (login anonymous, use your e-mail
address as password.

Organiz.: University of Virginia / USA
Address : uvaarpa.virginia.edu (
Programs: Name=FASTA; Desc=database search program; OS=UNIX and DOS;
Directory= /pub/fasta
Contact : William Pearson; wrp at virginia.edu
Status  : Tested (30 Sep 1992).

I went to check, and all the files where in the right place
... so if Amos sees this mail, he can update the 'Status' to

>> Status  : Tested (12 Mar 1995).

The latest version of Amos' document is available by anonymous
FTP from expasy.hcuge.ch (IP address in the
/database/info directory as 'serv_ftp.txt'.

This (and many others) is also available from the WWW 
at this URL:




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