FASTA 2.0x available

Bill Pearson wrp at reed0.med.virginia.edu
Mon Mar 13 18:21:20 EST 1995

In article <D57Gxr.LD0 at murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU>,
Bill Pearson  <wrp at reed0.med.virginia.edu> wrote:
>A new (experimental) release of the FASTA program package is now
>available from virginia.edu in pub/fasta/fasta20x.shar(.Z). Version
>2.0x incorporates several major improvements in the FASTA and SSEARCH
>(Smith-Waterman) sequence searching programs:

>(2) FASTA now uses the rigorous Smith-Waterman algorithm to produce
>alignments.  Thus, there is no limit to gap size in alignments.

Several people have reported problems in compiling the programs due to
oversights on my part. I believe that those problems have been fixed.

Another person reported some problem downloading the programs.  They
are available via anonymous ftp from the machine
"uvaarpa.virginia.edu", also known as "virginia.edu" and
"".  FTP in as anonymous using your email address as the

Keep those cards and letters coming. (If you have problems, an email
message is more likely to get a prompt response than a newsgroup

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