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Jeroen Coppieters jecop at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Mar 16 14:17:37 EST 1995

Timo Hiltunen (bltihi at uta.fi) wrote:
: Reinhard Doelz (doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch) wrote:
: : To my knowledge, we run the only database gopher on EMBL and EMBL updates 
: : world-wide. There are on average more than 300 requests served per day.
: : Peak requests are more than 1200 daily which is due to some unfortunate 
: : ambition to run automaitc scripts.  

: : Question for the community: How long will this service need to run? 

: I, for example, use EMBL databank (in Switzerland) rather often, and think
: that there should be sequence databases that are also accessible via
: text-based (= non-WWW) methods.
In another post I just announced an ftp based access method. Would a similar
gopher system be of more use?
I could develop a similar gateway from gopher to SRS
At the moment I've set up a simple one (only allowing retrieval by 
accesion number or entry name) as a quick test.
Have a look on gopher.ebi.ac.uk
 -->   9.  (Experimental) Sequence retrieval from EMBL/SWISSPROT database/
  -->  1.  Sequence retrieval from Swissprot <??>
       2.  Sequence retrieval from EMBL <??>
But, please, do not hardcode this. As said, it's just a quick test, so
 - it can still go wrong
 - it could have to move somewheree else in the gopher-tree
 - I have no authorization from EMBL/EBI to support this as an official

Let's here some comments

: Timo Hiltunen
: from the Univ. of Tampere, Finland

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