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Curtis Herbert cherbert at cco.caltech.edu
Fri Sep 15 04:48:47 EST 1995

In article <42vgk8$og2$8 at mhafn.production.compuserve.com>, Patrick R.
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> I am a undergraduate student in biology.  Some day I hope to go to 
> graduate school in biochemistry. My grades are good enough but I 
> am afraid that this may not be enough to get in.  I am looking for 
> something to set myself apart from the other students.  


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Who's law?

I also urge you to try to do some undergraduate research. Make up a little
resume and hand-deliver it to some likely faculty members.  Ask them who
might be interested in you.   Also try to keep an eye open for ways to
apply your background; you have a valuable skill.  You might mention it to
some of the faculty types.  

Also, a better posting for this sort of thing might be: alt.grad-student.tenured

Curtis H.

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