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Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
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In article <4383k4$dcj at apollo.it.luc.edu> nonn et al <nonn.robert at hines.va.gov> writes:
>Grades are not enough, publish like a fiend and suck up to the big guns!

Good point, though I would add that any sucking up (or even lack thereof)
is going to make people think "Hmmm. what camp are they in...?"  and 
you will inevitably be taken on those grounds rather than for what you 
might have to say.  It's a shame, but as a young phylogeneticist, I 
assure you it's true.  If there's one thing that the majority does 
NOT respect out there... it's a firm conviction.  So don't have one...
you'll go further.
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