MAC Version of FREE Vector NTI Viewer

Vadim Babenko 74672.2423 at compuserve.com
Mon Apr 29 12:41:06 EST 1996

InforMax, Inc., a provider of molecular biology software and general software solutions,
has released the MAC version of its FREE Vector NTI Viewer which can be downloaded 
from http://www.informaxinc.com. The Viewer can be installed as a helper application 
within WWW browsers, such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to retrieve and 
visualize molecule data in Vector NTI Molecule Document, GenBank, EMBL and 
FASTA formats. It also makes it possible to visualize structures stored as MIME 
attachments in Internet mail messages. The Viewer can read GenBank, EMBL, FASTA 
files and unannotated nucleotide sequences from ASCII files and create and visualize 
virtual molecules for them. The Viewer allows simple molecule analysis - searching for 
restriction sites, ORFs, etc. Publication-quality graphics maps may be printed, saved in an 
external file, or transferred via the clipboard to other applications quickly and easily for 
inclusion in articles and reports. 

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