ANNOUNCEMENT: Second Beta release of TREMBL, a supplement to SWISS-PROT

Rolf Apweiler apweiler at saturn.ebi.ac.uk
Thu Aug 1 10:20:34 EST 1996

Second Beta release of TREMBL, a protein sequence database supplementing 
the SWISS-PROT Protein Sequence Data Bank


TREMBL is a protein sequence database supplementing the SWISS-PROT Protein
Sequence Data Bank. TREMBL contains the translations of all coding 
sequences (CDS) present in the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database not 
integrated in SWISS-PROT. At the moment we treat TREMBL as an independent 
dataset in SWISS-PROT format, but shortly TREMBL will become a part of 


This TREMBL release is created from the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database 
release 47 and contains 107'065 sequence entries, comprising 28'667'743 amino 

TREMBL is split in two main sections; SP-TREMBL and REM-TREMBL:

SP-TREMBL (SWISS-PROT TREMBL) contains the entries (89'883) which should be 
incorporated into SWISS-PROT. SP-TREMBL is partially redundant against 
SWISS-PROT, since approximately 40'000 SP-TREMBL entries are only 
additional sequence reports of proteins already in SWISS-PROT. We will try 
to merge these sequence reports as fast as possible with the already 
existing SWISS-PROT entries for these proteins, so as to make SWISS-PROT
and TREMBL completely nonredundant.
SP-TREMBL is organized in subsections:

fun.dat (Fungi):                4939 entries
hum.dat (Human):                5985 entries
inv.dat (Invertebrates):       11476 entries
mam.dat (Other Mammals):        2096 entries
mhc.dat (MHC proteins):         2221 entries
org.dat (Organelles):           6466 entries
phg.dat (Bacteriophages):        928 entries
Pln.dat (Plants):               5790 entries
pro.dat (Prokaryotes):         17393 entries
rod.dat (Rodents):              5473 entries
unc.dat (Unclassified):          243 entries
vrl.dat (Viruses):             24595 entries
vrt.dat (Other Vertebrates):    2278 entries

REM-TREMBL (REMaining TREMBL) contains the entries (17'182) that we do 
not want to include in SWISS-PROT.


FTP server:     ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/databases/trembl

TREMBL is also available on the SWISS-PROT CD-ROM.


Rolf Apweiler, Alain Gateau, Vivien Junker, Fiona Lang, Claire O'Donovan,
and Nicoletta Mitaritonna at the EMBL Outstation - European Bioinformatics
Institute (EBI) in Hinxton, UK;
Amos Bairoch at the Medical Biochemistry Department of the University 
of Geneva.

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