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Thu Dec 5 22:21:08 EST 1996

Scientists, businessmen and simply interested in research and promotion
new bioengineering materials,  we can offer you angiogenin that is the
of our last successful research project.
   1. The independent private enterprise "Biok" was founded by
scientists and 
businessmen for the purpose of  realization and commercial application
of the 
intellectual  property  of  the  founders. We  would  like  to  offer
you the 
angiogenin substance and biotechnological method for its production.    
   2.Angiogenin is a member of angiogenic proteins-substances, which
the growth of the blood vessels. Angiogenin is a basic single-chain
protein of 
about 14 kD. It consists of 123  amino acids. In contrast  to other
substances  angiogenin  has  no  direct  mitogenic  effect  on 
fibroblast and 
endothelial  cells,  although  it binds to endothelial cells of blood
Angiogenin  possesses  strong   angiogenic   activity  in  biological  
(  in  choricallantoic membrane of developed  chicken  and on rabbit
corneal ) 
at dose as low as 1-5 ng. 
   Mechanisms  of  its  actions and physiological roles are being
Nevertheless  it's clear now that thanks to its' remarkable effects
seems  to  be  a  good substance for development of efficient drug on
its base. 
It can be used for  healing  of  wounds, for treatment of the cerebral
and myocardial infarction and other pathological conditions which are
caused by 
neovasoularization disturbances.
    More over, on the base of the substance new diagnostic kits for
detection of 
angiogenin presence in human tissue and biological fluids may be
constructed  as 
well as radioreceptor assay. 
    3. We  have  developed  the original technology for production of
Human  recombinant  angiogenin  obtained  is synthesized by original
bacterial strain. It  is  of  high  biochemical  and  immunochemical 
purity and 
possesses high biological activity. Substance could be used for research
    At present the preclinical trials of produced angiogenin is being
carried out. 
    4. Our firm has developed  and  produced  a  bioreactor  of  a new 
type for 
suspension  cultivation  of  tissue  cells  and  recombinant  bacterial 
The  bioreactor  embodies  a new principle of stirring a cell suspension
a stirrer. The suspension is agitated by creating quasi-stationary
motion similar to a otating vortex ring, generated by the aerating gas
    5. The novelty of recombinant bacterial strain and bioreactor are
protected by 
patents in Russia.	  
    6. We would like to offer you :
 - supply angiogenin as biomaterial for your laboratories and other
 - sale of bioreactor with working volume 5 and 10 dm^3
 - "Biok"  is  interested  in  partners for organization joint ventures  
producing angiogenin substance.
 - "Biok"  is  interested  in  partners for organization joint ventures
bioreactors mentioned above.
 We are ready to listen to your any idea upon that subject.    

	Sincerely yours,   
 Yuri Ramazanov, Director of "Biok" 
 Prof. Nikolai P. Mertvetsov, M. D. Ph. D, Deputy Director of
Novosibirsk Institute of Bioorganic 
Chemistry, head of department of clinical research

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