EMBL Release 49 available

Peter Stoehr stoehr at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Dec 16 13:21:52 EST 1996

Release 49 (December 1996) of the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database is
available from the EBI anonymous FTP server:

There is one new database file HTG.DAT containing 'High Throughput Genome
Sequences'. A new taxonomy in common with NCBI-GenBank has been implemented.
This release contains 1,047,263 sequences, 696,183,789 bases, an increase of
about 14% over release 48.

More details are in the release notes available at URLs:

For those who download our file of cumulative updates (cumulative.dat.Z),
please note that this file will change (become smaller) on 18.12.96 at 15:00 
to contain only data created since release 49.

Peter Stoehr

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