Naming EMBL Daily Updates & NIs

Matteo diTommaso ditommaso at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jun 7 17:58:52 EST 1996

Daily Updates
The following naming convention will be used at the EBI for the naming of 
daily update files to the EMBL Nucleotide database.   Each release is given a 
number.  The June release of the EMBL database will be Release 47.  The next 
update to appear will be the first one to apply to release 47.  All updates to 
this release will be sequentially numbered.


This change from the date based numbering scheme allows us to issue more than 
one update per day.  This will allow us, if necessary, to keep the size of 
updates below a given maximum and makes it easy for users to determine whether 
or not any updates have been missed.

The first entries containing NI numnbers will begin to appear this evening.  
The NI line shows the Nucleotide Sequence ID number  this number is associated 
with the exact sequence in the entry and only changes when the sequence 
changes.  This sequence number is essential for the building of secondary 
sequences (e.g a chromosome sequence which is constructed by concatenating 
parts several existing sequences).  Using the NI numbers it is possible to 
point to the version of the sequence being used in the construction.  The 
process of adding NI numbers to the EMBL database included a full comparison 
of all sequences in GenBank and EMBL databases to ensure that the sequences in 
both databases are the same.   

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