CAN TWO MEN (or women) HAVE KIDS???

Bugra Giritlioglu bgiritli at mit.edu
Sat Nov 16 19:37:35 EST 1996

I am curious to see what people know about the possibility of same-sex
parenting, i.e. the possibility of achieving fertilization by combining
the genetic material from two sperms (or two eggs).

I recently corresponded with an expert on this topic, and to my
surprise, discovered that it may not be as impossible and crazy as it
sounds. (hi again, if you subscribe to any of these newsgroups!!)

I am trying to get in touch with practically anybody who is excited
about this possibility and knows more about it than I do. 

My knowledge of the biology of reproduction is very hazy, however, I
would seriously consider going back to school in molecular genetics if I
knew that there were others interested in making this a reality.    
Is anybody out there doing research that might, directly or indirectly,
benefit this cause.  Give me a holler!! 

Please help me get started if you have any ideas, suggestions, etc.

Also, any suggestions as to where else I might try posting this message?

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