CAN TWO MEN (or women) HAVE KIDS???

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Dear Bugra,

There have been attempts to fuse sea urchin eggs. References that I know are

Bennet and Mazia. 1981. Interspecific fusion of sea urchin eggs. Surface events
and cytoplasmic mixing. J.exp.Res. 131: 197-207

Bennet and Mazia. 1981. Fusion of fertilized and unfertilized sea urchin eggs.
Maintenance of cell surface integrity. J.exp.Res. 134: 494-498.

In bivalves, Guo et al. (J. Shellfish Res. 13: 193-198, 1994) have tried to
induce tetraploidy by fusing zygotes, sperm (to use in fertilization of normal
eggs) and blastomeres. I would be nice to try fusion of eggs. The first problem
I see is wether cell fusion alone would activate the development. 

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In article <328E5E4F.DFC at mit.edu>, Bugra Giritlioglu <bgiritli at mit.edu> writes:
>I am curious to see what people know about the possibility of same-sex
>parenting, i.e. the possibility of achieving fertilization by combining
>the genetic material from two sperms (or two eggs).
>I recently corresponded with an expert on this topic, and to my
>surprise, discovered that it may not be as impossible and crazy as it
>sounds. (hi again, if you subscribe to any of these newsgroups!!)
>I am trying to get in touch with practically anybody who is excited
>about this possibility and knows more about it than I do. 
>My knowledge of the biology of reproduction is very hazy, however, I
>would seriously consider going back to school in molecular genetics if I
>knew that there were others interested in making this a reality.    
>Is anybody out there doing research that might, directly or indirectly,
>benefit this cause.  Give me a holler!! 
>Please help me get started if you have any ideas, suggestions, etc.
>Also, any suggestions as to where else I might try posting this message?

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