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     RECOMB 97 NEWS 
     October 22, 1996

  1. REMINDER: CALL FOR POSTERS (deadline Oct 25, 96)

  2. List of accepted papers to RECOMB 97



                           (RECOMB 97)

                       January 20-23, 1997                     
                          Eldorado Hotel
                       Santa Fe, New Mexico
                          Sponsored by 
                           ACM SIGACT

                        with support from

                         SLOAN Foundation 
                      US Department of Energy

                        recomb97 at hto.usc.edu


  1. This is a reminder that the deadline for receiving a poster
     abstract for RECOMB 97 is OCTOBER 25, 1996.

     This call is for a one page abstract. The actual space for
     the poseter presentation will be a regular poster space 
     accomodating about 15 pages.

         Call for RECOMB 97 Posters

    Please send a one-page abstract of your Poster including title, 
    authors, affiliation and abstract-text *preferably* via email to

                        recomb97 at hto.usc.edu

    or hard copy to:

                        Professor Michael Waterman
                        RECOMB 97 Program Chair
                        University of Southern California
                        Department of Mathematics, DRB 155
                        Los Angeles, CA 90089-1113

    Deadline for poster abstract submission: October  25, 1996
    Notification of acceptance/rejection:    November 15, 1996


 2. The List of Accepted Papers for RECOMB 97:

Name: Zheng Zhang, William R. Pearson, Webb Miller
Title: Aligning a DNA Sequence with a Protein Sequence

Name: Gene Myers, Sanford Selznick, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller
Title: Progressive Multiple Alignment wtih Constraints

Name: Ken Dill, Andrew T. Phillips, J. Ben Rosen
Title: Protein Structure Prediction and Potential Energy Landscape Analysis 
       using Continuous Global Minimization 

Name: Alberto Caprara
Title: Sorting by Reversals is Difficult

Name: J. Richard Bradley, Steven Skiena
Title: Fabricating Arrays of Strings

Name: Simon Heath
Title: The application of Markov Monte Carlo methods to radiation hybrid mapping

Name: Tatsuya Akutsu, Satoru Miyano
Title: On the Approximation of Protein Threading

Name: Eric L. Anson, Gene Myers
Title: ReAligner: A Program for Refining DNA Sequence Multi-Alignments

Name: George A. Komatsoulis, Michael Waterman
Title: Chimeric alignment by dynamic programing: Algorithm and biological uses

Name: Gary A. Churchill
Title: Monte Carlo Sequence Alignment

Name: Benno Schwikoski, Martin Vingron
Title: The Deferred Path Heuristic for the Generalized Tree Alignment Problem

Name: Tao Jiang, Richard M. Karp
Title: Mapping Clones with a Given Ordering or Interleaving

Name:  Jamie Cohen, Martin Farach
Title: Numerical Taxonomy on Data: Experimental Results

Name: Dan Fasulo, Tao Jiang, Richard M. Karp, R. Settergren, E. C. Thayer
Title: An Algorithmic Approach to Multiple Complete Digest Mapping

Name: Sing-Hoi Sze, Pavel Pevzner
Title: Towards 100% Accurate Gene Recognition: Suboptimal and Error-Tolerant
       Spliced Alignment

Name:   Ralf Zimmer, Tom Lengauer
Title:  Fast and Numerically Stable Parametric Alignment of Biosequences

Name: Tao Jiang, Lusheng Wang, Dan Gusfield
Title: A More Efficient Approximation Scheme for Tree Alignment 

Name: Serafim Batzogloa, Scott E. Decatur 
Title:  Constant Approximation Algorithm on the Triangular Lattice and
        Generalized Hydrophobicity for Protein Folding in the
        Hydrophobic-Polar Model

Name: S. Muthukrishnan, Laxmi Parida
Title: A highly effective simple combinatorial approach for constructing
       physical maps by optical mapping 

Name:  Richa Agarwala, V. Dancik, S. Hannenhalli, M. Farach,
       S. Muthukrishnan, S. Skiena
Title: Local Rules for Protein Folding on a Triangular Lattice 

Name: K. Reinert, Hans-Peter Lenhof, P. Mutzel, K. Mehlhorn, J. D. Kececioglu
Title: A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment

Name:  Hans-Peter Lenhof
Title:  New Contact Measures for the Protein Docking Problem 

Name: Haim Kaplan, Ron Shamir, Robert Tarjan
Title: Faster and Simpler Algorithm for Sorting Signed Permutations by Reversals

Name:  Ying Xu, Edward Uberbacher
Title:  Reference-based Gene Model Prediction on DNA Contigs

Name:  B. DasGupta, T. Jiang, S. Kannan, M. Li, Z. Sweekyk
Title: On the Complexity and Approximation of Syntenic Distance 

Name:  Mutida Jain, Gene Myers
Title:  Algorithm for Computing and Integrating Physical Maps Using Unique

Name:  Gary Benson 
Title:   Sequence Alignment with Tandem Duplication

Name: Hiroshi Mamitsuka 
Title: Supervised Learning of Hidden Markov Models for Sequence Discrimination 

Name:   William Hart
Title:  On the Computational Complexity of Sequence Design Problems

Name:  William Hart, Sorin Istrail
Title:  Lattice and Off-Lattice Side Chain Models of Protein Folding:
        Linear Time Structure Prediction Better than 86\% of Optimal

Name: David Greenberg, Cynthia Phillips, David Wilson
Title:   Beyond Islands: Ambiguity in Random Clone-Probe Matrices

Name: David Sankoff, V. Ferretti, Joe Nadeau
Title: Conserved segment identification

Name:  John Kececioglu, T. Christof, M. J\"unger, P. Mutzel, G. Reinelt
Title:  A branch-and-cut approach to physical mapping with end-probes 

Name:  Donna Slonim, L. Kruglyak, L. Stein, Eric Lander
Title: Building Human Genome Maps with Radiation Hybrids

Name:   Bonnie Berger, Mona Singh
Title:  An Iterative Method for Improved Protein Structural Motif Recognition

Name:  Fengzhu Sun, Gary Benson, Mike Waterman
Title:  Pooling Strategies for Establishing Physical Genome Maps
        Using FISH

Name:  M. Ogihara, A. Ray
Title:  Simulating Boolean circuits on a DNA computer 

Name:  M. G. Reese, F. H. Eeckman, D. Kulp, D. Haussler
Title:  Improved Splice Site Detection in Genie

Name: Amir Ben-Dor, Benny Chor
Title: On Constructing Hybrid Maps

Name: Shili Lin, Terence P. Speed
Title: An Algorithm for Haplotype Analysis

Name: Tetsuo Shibuya, Hiroshi Imai
Title: New Flexible Approaches for Multiple Sequence Alignment

Name: Erich Bornberg-Bauer
Title: Chain Growth Algorithms for HP-Type Lattice Proteins

Name: W Cai, Anne Condon, RM Corn, E Glasser, Z. Fei, T. Frutos, 
Z. Guo, MG Lagally, Q Lui, LM Smith, A Theil
Title: The Power of Surfaced-based DNA Computation


   See you in Santa Fe,

    Mike Waterman, Pavel Pevzner and Sorin Istrail

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